Beautiful Ohio Ragdoll Kittens

About the Ragdoll Breed

 Primary Patterns:

The following three patterns are the primary patterns, one of which can be found on every Ragdoll cat.



  • only the mask, ears and tail are color pointed
  • mask has an inverted white “V”
  • white legs, feet, chest and stomach
  • pink nose and paw pads
  • a fully colored back is what you want though white patches are allowed

 The Color point


  • no white areas
  • mask, ears, legs, feet and tail are color pointed
  • body color is lighter than point color
  • chest and bib lighter than body color
  • nose and paw pads are colored

 The Mitted

  • like color point, but with a white chin
  • with or without a small white stripe or hourglass (blaze) on the bridge of the nose
  • white belly stripe from the bib down the underside between the forelegs to under the base of tail
  • white mittens on front legs
  • white boots on back legs, extending neither shorter than heel nor higher than mid-thigh
    pink paw pads

  Secondary Pattern


Shows tabby markings towards their points. The lynx markings are in addition to the traditional patterns of the Mitted, Bi-Color or Color point.


Mixture of red or cream mixed with one of the traditional colors of a seal or blue.



Body color may vary from a light to a medium brown. “Points”, including ears,nose,tail and feet, will be a darker shade of brown.


Body color is ivory with points being a blue-grey color.

heartsm Red

Body color is a warm red color on the points.


Body color is glacial white with points being frosty grey with pinkish tinge.


Ideal Ragdoll are well-balanced with a broad modified wedge head, full cheeks, wide set medium size ears, strong neck and medium to long legs. Their eyes are oval shaped and always some form of blue.Their fur is soft, silky, and non-matting. Ragdolls are large in size. Altered male usually grow 15 to 22 plus lbs. with females weighting in a little lighter, 8 to 15 pounds.


Ragdoll kittens are born white. Their points gradually darken with age.
Their fur does not tend to mat, however it requires occasional grooming.
Ragdolls are among the slowest of breeds to develop, obtaining their full color around two years of age and full size around three or four years old.


Most ragdolls are docile and less active than other breeds. Their sweet natured, non-aggressive, easy going personality. They thrive on human companionship and generally develop a strong bond with their owners. They do not possess fighting instincts and can not survive outdoors, the aggressive feline tendencies are bred out of the Ragdoll breed.